History of the Toyota Modifications Organization

The Toyota name and logos, as well as Toyota model names, are trademarks of Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota-Mods is an unincorporated, not-for-profit organization. It and this site are not affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporation in any way.

Toyota-Mods was started as a mailing list back in about 1990 by Fred J. Oberbuchner. A mailing list (also called an email exploder) is a concept that pre-dates HTML and the world-wide web. Interested readers would add their email addresses to a list of members interested in a particular subject--in this case, the modification of Toyota automobiles and trucks for performance purposes.

Fred went on to found FJO Racing Products, makers of the world's finest line of automotive electronics and controllers. Chris Myer took responsibility for the mailing list in 1992, and then later started Cyberspace Automotive Performance, the Internet's first automotive performance store. Several other members have noteworthy accomplishments but we will let you read about them in the members directory.

Are you interested in the modification of Toyota automobiles and trucks for additional performance? Want to be a part of an organization that is committed to the advancement of Toyota performance? Then join us! Click on the forums, sign up, and introduce yourself. Have detailed information on your Toyota prowess? Send that in to us and we'll post it on our member pages. Have information about Toyota's that you can share, or links were more data can be found? We've got places for that too. Come on a be a part of the excitement--Toyota-Mods.Org!